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Fruitport FRC Team

"Since I joined robotics I finally feel like part of a team" - Olivia Netzler, 2017

"Alone I dare not climb, But together we will reach new heights" - Gerald, 2017 

"Because I joined robotics, I have developed new learning experiences" - Sydney 

"At robotics, you learn your true self because of the challenges and difficulties you go face" -Gabrielle

"Through my involvement in robotics, I went from not knowing much about engineering to using CAD software in my everyday life. Now I know what job field I want to go into, Engineering. In addition to enjoying learning about engineering, I love meeting new people each year and spending time with my team, also known as my second family." - Kaylee

"Because I joined robotics, I've learned the value of hard work and teamwork. Robotics is something that brings people together, and I'm so thankful to be a part of that and that there are people willing to teach me what I need to know in order to be successful doing what I love doing."  - Shay, 2017

"If you can dream hard, you can build hard." -Adam

"Through Robotics I have gained an interest in programming and the opportunity to build on that." - Zak

"Robotics has been the best part of my four years of high school. Through robotics, I have learned many skills related to engineering as well as social skills. Robotics gave me the confidence to speak to others" - Keaton Rhoades, 2017

"I Hate Programming...

I Hate Programming...

I Hate Programming...

(Program Finally Works)

I Love Programming!

- Michael

" Success is not the end, nor is a failure. But to have the will to stand up and do it again, that is winning " - Sam

"How does one simply quote?" - Cody

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