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Fruitport FRC Team

What is FRC?

First Robotics Competition is the ultimate sport of the mind.  Consisting of a six-week build season to create a robot for completing intricate tasks.  Each season is different and more exciting, with a new theme every year.  After a mind blowing build season, we compete at district, state, and world competitions with each being increasingly difficult.  Through, teamwork and determination, each team is able to accomplish their goals to inspire students and create an amazing robot.

To create their competition robot, students are challenged to learn and increase their skills in engineering, industrial design, CAD, programming, electrical, and fabrication.  In addition, students also help the team in marketing, social media, industrial safety, fundraising, and sponsor relations.    

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Meet The Techno Trojans


ONT District, Humber College Winner 2020

Team 2405, formerly known as "Divide by Zero, Anything is possible", has been around since our rookie year in 2008 and is now known as the Techno Trojans.  Starting with just a few students and the inspiration from one special teacher, the team was mentored by Team 85 B.O.B. in Zeeland, MI, before becoming Muskegon County's first FIRST FRC team.  Since then, Team 2405 has grown gaining students, mentors, and sponsors with every passing year. Now the team consists of 25 students, 18 mentors, and over 40 sponsors.

Leadership team:

Kathleen Steudle, CEO

Jeremy Martinez, Coach

Lawrence Welty, Coach

In the community

The Techno Trojans are helping to bring back Kris Moose from the old Muskegon Mall that was closed in 2001.  The animatronic moose used to be part of the mall's Christmas display since around 1981 where numerous kids and families fondly remember Kris.  Today, the Lakes Mall wants to bring back Kris Moose and the Techno Trojans are restoring and updating the animatronics.  With a new control system including a programmable logic controller, Kris can continue to interact with holiday shoppers and build new childhood memories. 

Our New Lab

The Fruitport community took a big step forward approving the bond for the new school back in 2016.  With a little lobbying from our team we were approved to have a new lab built just for us in the new school.  After many years of anticipation we were able to finally move into our new space in the fall of 2020.  This new space that is attached to our Engineering and Architecture classroom, will not only help us expand our team but will also help us to engage the community even better since our build space is in the front of our school and located in the sports wing of our school.

Engineering Inspiration, 2017.
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