Fruitport FTC

Techno Trojans

Kick-Off 2020


September 12, 2020

10:00 - FTC Robots 101 Workshop (Virtual)

             Covers Google Blockly Based Controls and Basic Robot Building

              Hosted by Jeremy Martinez and Kris Cole

11:00 - Java Based Controls Workshop (Virtual)

              Covers what you need to know to program in Java using Android Studio
              Hosted by
 Harrison McIntyre

12:00 - First Kick-Off Telecast (Virtual)


1:00   - In person viewing of the field @ Fruitport High School

             By Appointment Only, 10 people at a time for 30 Minutes Each 

3:30   - Engineering Notebook and Awards Q&A (Virtual)

             Please watch video overview prior to this. 

              Hosted by Ashlyn Silverthorn


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Phone: 231-206-2760

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